Adult Classes:

Adult Yoga     $29.60 a month

Adult Martial Arts     $29.60 a month

30 Minute Classes:

Tiny Tappers        $41.50 a month

Tippy Toes        $41.50 a month 

Based on 37 total class weeks

45 Minute Classes:

Acrobatic Arts (All ages)     $52 a month

Sparkle Squad     $52 a month

Primary Ballet A&B       $52 a month

Team Lyrical     $52 a month

Yoga Kids       $52 a month

TAPlets A&B       $52 a month

Beginning Tap       $52 a month

Beginning Ballet/Jazz       $52 a month

Hip Hop     $52  a month

Based on 37 weeks of class

50 Minute Classes

Ballet IA    $55 a month

Lyrical     $55 a month

Tap 1& 2     $55 a month

55 Minute Classes

Ballet IB     $57 a month

Martial Arts 5-8 & 9-14      $57 a month

Jr Jazz/Hip Hop     $57 a month

Jazz     $57 a month

Based on 37 weeks of class

75 Minute Classes:

Ballet III-V       $75 a month

Based on 10 monthly installments over 37 weeks of class

Piano Lessons

30 Minutes       $25 a lesson

45 Minutes       $35 a lesson


You may pay for tuition up front for a 3% discount, otherwise all monthly installments will be charged on the first.

Dance Private Lessons

30 Minutes $30 a lesson

45 Minutes $45 a lesson

60 Minutes $60 a lesson

$150 per piece of solo choreography/ included music editing ( competition or recital)

10% off 10 class package paid in full or weekly scheduled classes (paid monthly)


Registration Fee: $15
-Per Family

Recital Bundle Per Recital- $169*
1 Costume
1 Pair of Tights
1 DVD recording of the production
Stage and Backstage Professional Photographs

*Add On $74 per additional classes/family members for the costume and tight

The Recital Bundle 

One class: will be charged in 3 installments of $56.33  added to your monthly payments in the months of October, November, and December.

Multiple dancers/ multiple classes: If you have additional costumes (siblings or multiple classes taken)  you may choose to make equal payments of your recital bundle from October-February (5 payments).

We will be holding one recital in the 2018-2019 Season. 

Performance Company Fees:
-$55 Per Competition Entry*
-$74 for Costume

*Sparkle Squad will attend ONE competition
*Lyrical Team will attend TWO competitions

Available Discounts

Early Bird Tuition Paid In Full

5% Off Tuition Only

3rd Class (Per Family)

10% Off Tuition*

4th Class (Per Family)

15% Off Tuition*

5th Class and Above (Per Family)

20% Off Tuition*


*Percentages will be taken off of the lowest priced classes first.