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Need some help getting started? Our team is here to help! Call us at 608-296-7116 or email and we would be happy to set up a time to register you in person!


What We Believe

From the moment your child steps into the studio or enters a virtual classroom for her or his first dance class, they will be greeted with a smile and welcomed to the place where their passion will be nurtured, their confidence will develop and life long friendships will blossom.

Revita is the studio of choice for parents who know that DANCE, MUSIC and MARTIAL ARTS are the means to the BIGGER PICTURE: Healthy, happy, confident and READY FOR LIFE kids.

With any of our classes, whether it’s Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Martial Arts or Piano lessons, the motto is the same.We teach appropriate technique to each age group in a setting that entices children to dream, learn, discover and awakens within them the spark to grow as a dancer, musician, martial artist and most importantly as an individual.We follow More Than Just Great Dancing's safety guidelines to create a studio that is ready to protect your student in all ways we are able!

Happy Parents and Dancers!

Revita Dance Studio Westfield
277 Lawrence Street
Westfield, WI 53964

Office Phone Number: 608-296-7116